About Us

Majority shipping agency company in Indonesia are formed from a shipping company and they are providing a agency services to other owner because they only looking an additional income,therefore most of them cannot provide the most optimize services. However , GLOSSI established as a pure shipping agency and logistic company thus we are sure we can provide our best services, trusted therefore we can offer a solution when problem happened.

Now we have 23 branches which are Samarinda, Surabaya, Gresik, Tuban, Lamongan, Merak, Paiton, Manado, Pelabuhan ratu, Lontar , Bayah, Cigading, Ciwandan, Suralaya, Bojanegara dan Teluk naga. And also South Kalimantan that is covering Bunati, Asam-asam , Taboneo ,Muara Satui and Tanjung pemancingan.

Vision & Mission

To be the biggest shipping agency and vessel logistic provider in Indonesia.


Creating an additional value to the customer by giving them a fully commitment maximum services and really care with the customers by providing the solution for all their problem , we believe its value our company.

Company Value

As a service company, our value is a working commitment thus the result is quality mutu that can be accounted for customer.


A company that relies on services in its sales must have credible properties so that our customers are not sensitive to the price we offer.


We have a concern for the problems our customers face as we ourselves are experiencing the problem So we work hard to avoid a problem.

Solution dan Inovation

All customer problems that arise should be sought a solution and innovation so that can be achieved efficient financing.